Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Things are looking up...right?

He cancelled our hang out date #3 because he wasn’t feeling well. But he rescheduled a few days later. I went over to his place & took my dog. I thought it was amazing how well he seemed to get along with my sweet little dog. It was kind of awesome. We ate pizza for dinner & attempted to watch a movie. I ate bacon for this guy. It was a great evening.

Things with soldier boy were going exactly how I figured they should. Things were going in order. We had some deeper talks about our past, and I found out he has a child. He doesn’t really like to talk about his kid, but I guess it’s really early for that kind of thing, right? I even disclosed things about my past that I had not told other people. I guess I was afraid to show people that I was (am?) damaged goods. But really, in all honestly my troubled past didn't phase him.

Yes things were going in order. Things were feeling...right with this guy...

He was going to start to get busier with school finals coming up soon, and I wasn’t looking to forward to that… but I could deal. PLUS Halloween was only 2 weeks away. I mean we were going out with my friends as a couple. How could things not be looking up?

It's a big step to introduce your friends to someone you are dating. It's a biggest step for your relationship. You are declaring to this other person that they are worthy of becoming a REAL part of your life. Not just someone you casually date, or someone you text to all day, a real part of your life.

Introductions to new people are always kind of hard on your friends too. They are instantly judging this person to see if they fit up to their expectations. Will soldier boy fit the bill? I mean did I mention we are going as a coordinated couple for a halloween party? There is a lot to think about, but for right this very second -- I'm not going to over think, I'm just going to feel happy.

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