Monday, July 30, 2012

Always remember

Some people are worth fighting for, but for the most part- the ones worth fighting for, won't make you fight. Clear drama from your life & get happy. This too shall pass.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Driver's License

My new driver’s license came in the mail the other day. It’s so weird to think about how much I changed since I got my last one. Most noticeably, my hair is curly & blonde & not straight & black. But really, I’m a whole new girl.
In 2008, when I got my driver’s license I thought I was starting over. I just moved back to my home state, after being on a quite miserable self discovery tour of the Midwest. I assumed moving back here meant new beginnings with my old life. My old life in the old state was over. It was time for bliss… or so I assumed.
I moved back in with the person I had been dating since college & settled in to find a new job. Hoping to find a better job than the one I just left. Oddly enough, I can’t get away from my old job title; I’m actually pretty good at what I do.
My old driver’s license was like a battle scar filled with mistakes being covered up by change. I moved 4 times since I moved back to my home state. Each move helped me find a bit more of myself through all of the change & all of the pain that I was experiencing. Sure it wasn’t all bad, but there was a bright glaring lack of good.
I moved back in with my someone, because I didn’t know what else to do & how else to survive. I quickly realized we were in over our heads. So we moved into a place that was going to be easier to survive in. We even got a puppy. The puppy was my best friend, and my escape from the anger, drinking & abuse that was happening all around me.
Finally I ended it. It was my choice & it was brilliant. I was begged not to leave, but I already made up my mind & it scared me. I called my family, broke our lease & moved out about 2 months later.
A new home, a new address on my license, and new beginnings.

Living alone wasn’t easy. It was too quiet, so I got a dog of my own (I didn’t want to share the old dog, that’s just really not possible). So my new dog & I made our home in this new place. There wasn’t a huge learning curve for the two of us. We fit together right at the start.
I started dating again, flopped & then found love. True love.
Then my tiny home that I shared with my tiny dog was filled with more love.
We moved one more time together, this time into a lovely rental house. A house we fill with love & laughter every single day. The house where I said “YES” when he asked me to marry him with his grandmother’s ring.
So on this last birthday, I went to get my new driver’s license & I felt amazing. I felt powerful. I felt like I ruled the world. This is what I look like happy.
The funny thing is, I won’t have this look forever. Soon I will get a new license with a new last name, but for now this is the driver’s license photo where I am happy, full of love & engaged. I’ve never been happier & I think it shows.