Friday, June 25, 2010

Daves of Yore

I was thinking about it the other day. I don’t have a list or a little black book. I couldn’t even tell you every name of every person that I have ever gone on a date with/made out with/ had a serious relationship with. Is that strange? I mean I assume with modern day conveniences of online social networks, I am able to be found. I have been found by many friends throughout the years & even a few random, more major than minor, exes.
But what about the people who weren’t that major, I wonder if they even remember me. I have had relations with 6 men named Dave. SIX MEN NAMED DAVE. After a while I just started calling them by their #. I can remember #2 the quiet guy from my neighborhood who I met because I wanted to date his friend- but his friend was interested in my friend-so we switched, #3, the music man who I hung out with one Christmas day with his family & shortly after we stopped dating, #5 Super Dave, a good friend of my friend in college that one night our crush turned into something more #6 a Dave more recent & in this blog. But what about Dave #1, #4… I have NO IDEA! I don’t even know if there are unaccounted for Dave’s out there!
I don’t know how to contact them, call them, and find them. There are many men out there who I have gone on dates with that I don’t know how to get a hold of. Maybe that’s for the best! I have moved so many times in the years that I guess I’m not easy to contact. In a 2-year period I did move 5 times, and have changed my cell phone number 2 times. So I guess I’m not that easy to get in contact with either. Unless you can find me on the old social network, if so then look me up with Caution. I’m not the same girl I used to be, I’m much more evolved.
I wonder if it’s then normal to keep a list of everyone significant or not that you have had relations with. So when you are almost on the cusp of 80 you can laugh with your granddaughters & reminisce of the “Days of Daves of Yore.”

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