Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Only Prescription Was To Fade Away

I’m really having mixed feeling about dating again. I don’t want to fall into that category of dating someone, just to date someone. I want to date someone who blows my mind. This is really making me rethink the doctor. Yeah, he has status quo, yeah- he’s cute, but he has 3 MAJOR MORAL deal breakers. What was I thinking? I mean I guess I didn’t know that much about him before I went on a date with him…

Yeah. I’m done.

What could these deal breakers be?

1. Does testing on animals for a living
a. Which when he told me, I gasped & told him that it was SICK.
2. Doesn’t believe in God or a higher power at all.
3. Does a LOT of FREAKY drugs.

When you put it all out there, how could you really WANT to go out with him again? So I think I am just going to try to fade off into the horizon.

So after a few days of not texting for a bit, I get this email:

Hey KK

I apologize for not being so good about keeping in touch with you this past week. I wanted you to know that I have started to date a close friend of mine. It is something that had crossed my mind before but I never expected it to actually happen. It was not my intention to mislead you in any way and I apologize for having done so.

I am sorry to have messed this up. It was very nice to meet you and perhaps someday if I see you around town we can hang out (assuming you would still want to talk to me at that point). Good luck with everything and take care.


So I guess he was kind of blowing me off too. At least if she’s a friend she knows about the animal testing. Good Luck Doctor & I’ll be at the next protest for sure, see you there!!

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