Friday, May 21, 2010

Goodbye Shortstop.

I’ve been on the fence with shortstop as soon as we started seeing each other. I was never ever sure if he was into me, or just looking for a plus one to hang out with his group of friends.
In the beginning it was he, & I but he never wanted to do things alone – just us 2. It was always us going to the events together. He complained when I invited him over, I didn’t even live that far and always wanted me to go watch him play softball & then hang out with everyone after.
I feel really awesome that his friends, especially the girls, let me in so easily. To them, Shortstop was their one wonderful single friend. To me, he was just there. I’ve never dated someone with as many CLOSE friends as I have. It was nice.
I even invited him to meet some of my friends. My friends who are really super easy to get along with, and he blew it. Why was he so cool around his group, but socially inept around mine??
I think he liked the idea of having someone around more than he was ever just into me. Looking back on our dating, we dated for 3 months and the whole time I was on the fence. That’s not normal. Every time I was done with shortstop, he’d come back & I would try to forget why I was done. I was scared to be alone again. I was scared to fail again at dating. But it’s not failing if the other person isn’t what you want, and in turn, you aren’t what that person wants.
Also looking back, I am pretty sure I can safely say he was on steroids. I would have NEVER EVER known it at the time, but I heard some people casually talking about symptoms of users & he fit each & every stereotype. Coincidence? Maybe. I will never be sure.
It took me a long time to recognize that we weren’t a good fit & that we both were not going to change. But by the time I figured I was done with him, I was on to the next one. I was more upset with breaking up with his friends, than I was with him.
So shortstop, we had some great times, but you weren’t for me. I hope you’ve found your “plus one” because I am still looking to be someone’s number one.

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