Saturday, April 24, 2010

If I could have told myself this a year ago...

If the me of today could write the me of one year ago a letter filled with some advice it would go a little something like this.

Things I wish I knew before I lost my mind.

The break up happened much later than it should have.
My ex was lying & cheating on me through out our whole relationship.
This angry person that you turned into will go away.
You want to still be friends? Give it a year-or two. (Bet you change your mind)
I am never going to get my money back, so don’t front any final bills.
Move out immediately- no one breaks up & lives together & is happy.
Split everything.
Make a fresh start for yourself.
Stay very busy
It’s ok to be alone.
It does help to have someone who is going through the same thing, at the same time.
Do yourself a favor, whatever that may be.
Surround yourself with positive people.
Never date anyone your sister doesn’t think is cool, and who tells you they hate your mother.
Chances are if your family & friends think they are a douche bag, they are a douche bag.
Be the one to move out, take what is yours & no souviners.
Trust your instincts, they are always right!
Make a fresh start for yourself.
It’s ok to cry & cry & cry & cry
The nightmares end
One day you will have to recall your ex to your memory
Avoid anything that might bring you 2 together for a while
I wasn’t the first one to move on.
Not being the first one to move on hurt more than the fact that they moved on.
I learned so much about myself this year it was insane
Don’t take their calls after you get all of your stuff back.
Move on by moving on with out them
Buy new stuff & redecorate
Spend their birthday doing something awesome for your self
Go on a trip to see your friends alone
Immerse yourself in friends & family
The first holiday season alone is HARD, but at least you are with your family!
Stay very busy
Shut yourself in a few days
Just do the things that make YOU happy for once
Say yes to every invitation you can.
Listen to music, all your favorites, even if it’s just the angry tracks
Don’t let yourself go
Join something to better the world!
Put your ipod on & walk all over the place
Sometimes you can only remember the good times & not the bad times.
There were too many bad times, that is why you broke up.
Still can't recall the bad times, call your best friend- they remember.
Get some plants for your new place
You are going to date again
You are going to have many “reasons” to call, text, email your ex- DON’T!
Separate yourself from their family & friends.
Friends come from out of nowhere, like super heroes when you need them the most.
Give yourself a make over
It’s going to be ok
Living alone rules, you can eat whatever you want for dinner.
You’ll be fine
You can do this
Dating is crazy fun!
Find a new hobby that involves your hands. Painting, knitting, cooking, pushups
You weren’t happy & you were never going to be happy unless you made this change
You are happy now.
You really are worth it.
You learn to do a lot of things by yourself & that’s awesome
You end up wearing that perfect outfit & getting noticed for all the right reasons.
Put yourself out there as much as possible.
Kiss a lot of frogs.
The first time you are sick, and no one is there to drive to get you medicine sucks, but you’ll get over it & stock up for next time!
Do everything you can to create permanent distance for a year
Lien on your family & friends – they are waiting to help you
You deserve happiness!
One day you wake up & you are happy.
You are happy now.

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