Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dinner Date, my choice.

Well I guess it wasn’t just me who felt a spark on our first date, because shortstop wanted more. He asked me if I wanted to join him & his brother at a baseball game. I love going to baseball games, but I wasn’t ready to meet his brother yet, not after one date. I politely declined and said I wanted to get to know him first before I met all of his family.

Secretly, I couldn’t be more pleased that he wanted to include me with his brother so early on…

We decided on a dinner date, and this time he was coming to my town & since it was my town I get to choose where we go to eat. I picked a place not too fancy & not too cheap. Just a local brewery where we could go & get burgers, drink a few beers & have fun. I had just bought a new dress the previous weekend & planned on rocking it out. I can’t lie to you, I looked amazing!

Shortstop totally noticed too. He’s one of those guys who stares at you, all the time. We had a short blip when we met up at the bar, because this bar actually has 2 bar areas and I was on the opposite side that he was on. Oops. But dinner was fun, so we decided after we were done eating to go to the bar & have a few drinks… plus there was a baseball game on… and someone was dying to watch it.

We were the only people sitting at the bar, so the bartender & shortstop were just aloud to go on & on about the baseball game. While they were talking, shortstop put his arm around me. It felt really amazing. I can’t tell you the last time I was shown physical attention in public.

The evening ended when the baseball game ended. He walked me to my car, which was blocks away from his & kissed me good night, it was a little more intense than the last time we kissed. I was feeling amazing.

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