Monday, April 5, 2010

FREAKS & Checked Bags

When you are dating at a certain age, aka anywhere after 25, you are going to be dealing with a lot of baggage. Your baggage & that potential dream date you are eyeing across the park. You just have to set some limitations as to what you want to put up with.

Some people just want what they want. Sometimes that can be as simple as saying they only want someone who is really, really into cats. Sometimes that something is more—like being really into weird sexual situations.

I think if you are talking deal breakers- PUT IT OUT THERE. If it’s something you really want, that’s kind of out there go on & sing it to the mountaintops!! Don’t wait until 4 months in & then slip in. You might not like the reaction of the other person.

I have found that FREAKS do let their freak flags fly. If you are THAT into something, you really NEED to address this issue right up front.

There is so much to sort through. There is so much to consider with myself. How much do I even care?

Who’s to say that I find this “perfect” person, we click, I can handle their baggage & then my past sends them packing.

I have some big dirty dramatic baggage, but I guess in some way, doesn’t everyone? Or at best, doesn’t everyone think that their drama is the most dramatic.

Let it fly, let me know, let’s talk about this together & choose a path.

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