Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Thank YOU for lifting me up.

I am so thankful for my tight weave of friends who understand me.

You lift me up more than you know, every single day.

You are CHAMPIONS who don’t make me feel like I am less than them because I am going through a transitional phase.

I am thankful that YOU listen to me even though they might not understand.

I am happy that YOU support me through the big things as well as the small things.

That YOU do not constantly remind me that they are in long-term relationships, married, or have children.

I am thankful that YOU treat me as your equal & not as a bratty girl who just wants some well earned time with her buddies one on one.

I am thankful that YOU also cherish that time alone with me, and that YOU can use me as an outlet to get some time in with out your sig/O.

I feel supported by YOU in that YOU make time for just me all the time.

That YOU check in on me, when there was a time that I didn’t know if anyone would notice if I disappeared.

Thank You ladies & gentlemen-best friends-for caring about me.
Sharing YOUR life with me.
Believing in me.
Making me feel as YOUR wonderful equal, even though sometimes I can’t help but feel like less than.

I hear things all day long from people who make me feel less than because I am not married with children. YOU remind me that aspect of life isn’t everything that matters & if I decide that I want to be married with children that it will happen one day in time.

I love you & I appreciate YOU my friends.

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