Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Blinded By The Lake

Oh man did I have fun with LD last Sunday night. He’s so freaking sweet, manly and adorable and sexy. He lives on a freaking lake. Like out of his back door is a lake. It’s beautiful & so peaceful out there. It’s definitely somewhere I can’t wait to get back to.

So you must be asking yourself: How did KK get to going out with LD on a Sunday night? Well here’s the back-story. As you know he’s been calling me all the time and totally knocking me off my feet with his sweetness. I asked him if he wanted to hang out on Saturday, and he said he had some stuff going on, but maybe – after hunting – we could get together.

On a whim after I went to the museum on Saturday, I decided to go to see my parents. I didn’t have any plans & I didn’t feel like sitting in my apartment anymore. I kind of had enough of it from the week of sickness. So I called my friends, and went home. I talked LD on my way home & he told me he was excited to get together on Sunday night. I wasn’t really sure though if we were going to get together, because I don’t know what goes on with hunting other than killing stuff & a lot of drinking.

Saturday night I went home, hung out with my family and then hung out with my friends. At like midnight I get this text message from LD saying he wishes that I were with him. We ended up having this really long (kind of drunken) conversation about a lot of things that night. i.e.
How I HATE to be ignored
How if things get serious (as in doing it all the time) how I don’t share well & I’m not cool with him being with anyone else
How I was just in a horrible relationship
His past 2 huge relationships
How I’m not in for a lot of drama (he has an ex who can’t get over it)
How he thinks it’s really cool that there isn’t going to be a weirdness stage with us, because we have kind of “known” each other for a while.

It was kind of an amazing conversation. I had most of it sitting on a stump under the stars @ my family’s house.
So Sunday I went home after shopping with my mom all day. He calls & invites me over. I put on my brand new sweater & boots and headed over there. He lives kind of in the middle of nowhere. I got in the house and wasn’t in there for 3 minutes and he kissed me (hello butterflies). Then he gave me the grand tour including introductions to his 3 dogs & his cat.
We ended up just watching a movie and had a marathon of making out. He was super sweet the whole night just really cuddling up with me and staring into my eyes. I was melting and he totally knew it. He’s really a lot hotter than I originally gave him credit for. I really like the fact that he’s older than I am. I also think somewhere along the lines, someone trained him well.

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