Monday, September 27, 2010

So Is This What a Biological Clock Sounds Like??

Someone turn down that clock it’s making it hard for me to concentrate at work, at home, in the car & while sleeping. My biological clock is ticking like CRAZY!

If you would have asked me 5 year ago about children, I would have laughed directly in your sweet little face. I’ll go as far as to say children annoyed me. Sure they are cute, and nice & all. I would sigh loudly when your child ran in front of my cart at the grocery store or ruined my good times on vacation. I couldn’t roll my eyes far enough back into my brain when you “had to go” in the middle of my most recent dating dilemma because your child needed to be attended to.

You must be thinking “boy is she a bitch”, which is exactly what I wanted you to think because I didn’t want your sweet little baby’s awesomeness to penetrate my soul. I always knew I wanted to be a mother, but after one failed relationship after another, I decided I would never be happily settled down & therefore never have children. So I wrote them off. Bye-Bye Baby.

So I stopped considering it. Sure, maybe I did with an ex here or an ex there, but not really for real. Now I think about it a lot. Is it because my friends have children? No. my friends have been having babies since high school. Is it because I’m getting older? I don’t know. But my biological clock is ticking so loudly that I wish I could throw it out the window.

It’s a 2 sided coin. On one side I want to have a child RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE, on the other side I am not stable enough or ready for children. Is there a perfect TIME to have a child? Is there a perfect moment where you can say: Yes- I’ve traveled, I’ve accomplished, I’ve been all the ME I CAN BE, I’m financially stable enough to have children NOW!

Does anyone ever have that time?

Will I ever find that perfect person whose clock is ticking as loud, that might be sane? Is there some kind of questionnaire they can fill out?

Hi, my name is KK, I’m into canoe trips, camping, making up songs, my dog, and laughing at immature jokes about balls- do you think you want to be a daddy? If so, anytime soon because these eggs aren’t getting any younger & neither am I!! How’s your relationship with your mother? How many babies do you want? How old is too old to attend a kindergarten graduation for you? Your place or mine?

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