Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ah-ha moments

What is it going to take to have your ah-ha moment?

I don’t know the exact moment that I snapped. That minute when I was sick of it. I was sick of feeling horrible every other day, every other week, once a month feeling broken. But then something would happen every time to make it better just for a glimmering moment & then I would just push back the past. Like that one shiny nice thing could erase all of the blaring sirens that this isn’t right or good or how things are supposed to be.

I surround myself with some of the funniest, intelligent, foxy friends on the planet. A few of them have one more thing in common other than knowing me- they are in relationships that are horrible. Not just for my wonderful friends, but for their sig/o’s. I feel equally sorry for both parties in these broken halves because they can be happy once they push past the pain.

I had someone tell me when I was in a bad place. I had them tell me every chance they could find. But I wouldn’t listen until it was my time to hear. I wish someone had told me sooner, when we were going through the good times. I wish someone would have taken me aside & said wait a minute- this isn’t right.

My friends used to pretend to love my ex, just as I pretend to love their current lovers. But people we aren’t getting any younger.

Have your ah-ha moment. Please. I had mine & I was on the floor crying for a very long time, but it was the best thing that I ever did for myself. We were tangled in each other too, but I figured it out, and you helped me. I’ll help you too! I’ll be here to pick you up off the floor & I can’t wait to show you how worth it you are!

So pretty, hilarious, talented, foxy, friends- jump. You know you aren’t happy, and so does everyone else.

It’s painful to hear over & over how unhappy you are. I love you too much. You are worth it!

It’s hard to walk away. You have things together, maybe you bought a couch together, and you really, really love their great grandmother’s coffee table. But you need them, you have too much together & it just keeps accumulating every day. They help you with things & you love their family. What would you do with out them, with out their friends, with out the help of their family?


You know I am talking directly to you.

Ask yourself this:
What are you going to do if they have the ah-ha moment before you do?

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