Thursday, March 10, 2011

RiRi you are making me blush.

I can’t sing Rihanna songs in front of my boyfriend, in the car, or at the club ever again. Ri-Ri is getting a little dark, a little too into butt sex and a little too into the freaky for my taste.

Aside from S&M, I’ve downloaded & enjoyed multiple Rihanna songs. I put them into my Ipod- turn them up when they come on & replay them when they are over.

I do want my man to make me feel like the “Only Girl in the World”. I want him to text me “What’s My Name” after I leave. Please baby- “Shut Up & Drive”.

RiRi, I love you. I think you are amazing. I love your music & I will continue to buy your songs-because you freaking ROCK. Please stop whispering innuendos about butt sex in your songs.

I can’t sing your songs, feel all sexy & empowered & then whisper something about my back door. It makes me feel uncomfortable and I really don’t watching a child whisper those words in the mall while singing along in her favorite store. I also don’t want my man to hear me sing your words about back doors & start to get any ideas.

I can’t get on board with S&M. I can’t. Sure it’s a crazy song, and some people really like it, but I just can’t. I tried. I was in my car, it was 8:30 am and you came on the radio so I turned it up… But I felt weird driving to work singing about whips & chains. I felt even weirder know little girls are singing this and loving it, and having NO IDEA what it means.

& Have you seen the video? Yikes. I’m glad they stopped playing so many music videos on TV.

Rihanna, no one sings a dance hit like you do girl, but stop singing about butt sex & ball gags- I can’t stomach it.

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