Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I slowly lead cat-boy into “The Rules According to KK”.

I slowly lead cat-boy into “The Rules According to KK”.

“The Rules” being:
1. Be a Creature like any other
2. Don’t talk to a man first
3. Always end a phone call first

So I decided that since I wasn’t that into Cat-boy and he was into me, I’d use the rules on him. I spent what little time I chose to talk to him showing how unique I was. Which was all totally true. I always made SURE to let him go, quickly, when HE decided to call ME on the phone. I would end the call with in 7 minutes MAX and “Have to go take a really important call”. He would text me endlessly and I would rarely reply. He would do things to get my attention. Creative things. Wonderful things. But I just pretended to be bored and it drove him crazy.

I found out things about Cat-boy. Things that were bright, shiny, red flags, but I kept him running along side of me. To be harsh, to be honest, I didn’t care. I thought he was fun, and I was interested in him, but I knew who I was, and who he was, weren’t the same person.

As a general rule, I never let someone pick me up at home. I don’t want anyone to know where I live, since I live alone. As another general rule, I never stay out too late. This LOOKS like I am ending the date first, but really, I just don’t like to leave my dog alone too long.

Cat-boy started to get a little agitated with how busy I was and told me he needed to take me out on a real date. I agreed.

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