Sunday, March 20, 2011

This is NOT a test.

I’m watching your life spiral out of control. I’m watching you make horrible, terrible decisions. How many times can you watch someone you love make the same mistake over & over again?

How many times did they watch me make mistakes and keep their mouths shut?

I have taken them aside, and told them my fears. They keep showing me their metaphysical wounds. Yet, they choose to move forward in the wrong direction.

As their friend I can only speak my piece when spoken to, and listen to their same worries every other day in silence.

That’s what a good friend does right? Yes.
Is that what a good friend does? Yes.
Is that what you did for me for all of those years? Yes.

I want to remind you, that you can do better & you aren’t getting any younger.

I read somewhere that women like to date losers/jerks/assholes/abusive/worthless/drunk/druggies/broke/freaks/mean/nasty/unclean/stinky/mother-fuckers who cheat- because when it’s bad, it’s so bad. It’s journal bad, it’s crying all day & night bad, it’s not going to work bad, it’s silent nights and bad mornings bad.

But those few & fleeting points in between when he does something nice- are MORE amazing than ever. That actually great/smart/funny/hot women date this other guy because they like the abuse, though not always physical, because it makes the good times, SO MUCH MORE AMAZING.

I know I fell for it. I was with someone who treated me like absolute shit, but not all the time, not every day, sometimes it was just once a quarter for a week or two here or there, but it was there. But let me tell you, when it was GOOD, it was G-O-O-D!

Turn around & run sweetie. MOTHER FU CK ING RUN!!!!!!

You & he are going to be so much happier in 3 years, happier with someone else.


This is not a test.

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