Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pretend Prince

When you first get back out there and find someone who wants your attention, it can be a bit of a game. It’s almost suffocating. You try to remember that you are the prize to be won; you are the ultimate golden ticket. He lets you know that you are the prize, but it’s not YOU as much as having sex with you is the prize.

But know & trust me that attention will fade. Somewhere after the first time you have sex, it fades-ever so slightly. There isn’t a sudden whoosh of air that gets sucked out of the room after you have sex, but I wish someone would install some sort of alarm in girl’s heads. Give it up too soon-before you both know eachother well, and you’re just a sex-thing to them. Please don’t confuse sex-thing with sexy little thing.

It’s like the tables turn-silently and slowly when 2 people have sex. The woman wants now to be desperately adored, held, read those poems, idolized & loved. The man just wants to bang you again. Sure he might want to hang out, but it’s not so much expensive dinners, it’s hanging out close to a bed, at his place or yours.

Next thing you know, he’s not pursuing you as hard, and you’re pursuing him. He actually has what he wants, and he wants it again, but you want that attention back. You’re still that adorable girl you were 3 weeks ago, and now you are trying to make him still believe it.

The obsessive texts will fade soon babe! So make sure that this guy who is suffocating you is really the prince he pretends to be.

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