Monday, August 9, 2010

Reaction to: LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE By Eminem Ft. Rihanna

Love the Way You Lie- Eminem Ft. Rihanna

I have heard a lot of people say how shocking this song is to hear, how shocking it is to know that Rihanna did the melodic hypnotic back up vocals. How could she do this after what she went through?

I wasn’t shocked when I heard it first; I wanted to hear it over & over & over & over again. I was keeping watch over my radio. I couldn’t get enough. I even brought it up to a few friends, aweing over how powerful this song was. My friends couldn’t get over how sick the song was, how wrong the song was.

To me, this song makes perfect sense.

Reading the tabloids I know that Eminem & his ex wife Kim had this very same relationship, Rihanna & Chris Brown has this same relationship… I had this very relationship when I was very young. I was way too young to know & way too blind with love to care.

It’s hard to think about, but no one ever looks at the violence when someone is in the violence. It’s always how to prevent violence, victim versus predator. I like how this video portrays both people being violent & it’s not just Megan Fox getting her ass kicked. It’s a very fair back & forth. This is a bit more modern day, because modern women aren’t just sitting back, they are fighting back too.

I’m not saying to you that I am condoning violence, because I would never do such a thing. It wasn’t right & I am so glad it’s far behind me, but sometimes it’s not that easy. It’s not that lifetime movie special featuring some woman being the victim, running to a halfway house. I don't know that kind of violence, the kind that breaks bones or sends someone to the hospital. For me, it never got that kind of bad, it was more broken things, than black eyes. Sometimes it’s just real & raw & you don’t know if you love it or your hate it, but you can’t turn your back on it. You should, you know you should, but you can’t. How when it gets this intense, you don’t want out of it, but you can’t stand to be in it.

It's intense pain to be in the middle of it, it's intense pain to be out of it. It's so good some days, and it's so bad other days, but tomorrow is a new day...

It’s poetry.
It’s shocking.
It’s true.
I get it.
It’s beautiful.

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