Monday, October 31, 2011

Q & A Bewildered in Belleville

Dear KK
I have been hanging out with a girl for a few weeks. (no penetration) The other day during a phone conversation she referred to me as her boyfriend. I did not correct her however, I am NOT her boyfriend.. How do I fix this?
Bewildered in Belleville

Mr Bewildered,
You should have been calling her to correct the error before typing me. Sorry to break it to you Mr. Bewildered, but this girl is now your girlfriend. She has already told all of her friends, her mother, and is very excited to get or send that Relationship Request on face book.
It's strange to me that a few dates over time & "no penetration" as you put it would result in someone thinking that they are your girlfriend. In this sexually charged world we live in today, one would think a few rolls in the hay would have to go down before someone is actually your boyfriend/girlfriend (I mean what if they suck in the sack?), unless the case is they are Religious or a Virgin.
Regardless, is it such a bad thing if this person wants you to be their #1? Are you ready to JUST SAY NO to any other conquests? I think if you like her & have been dating her for a period of time that you are now her boyfriend.
If you are thinking you don't want to be her boyfriend, and too much time as passed (any more than 5 minutes is too long, but if more than one day has gone by, it's BF/GF time!) you are going to have to break up with her. At least you could get lucky with break up sex.
What it all breaks down to is that you didn't correct her right away & I think you like the possibility or the idea of being her girlfriend. You should probably buy her flowers.
Good luck & keep me posted!

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