Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I found my best friend.

I am in love.

Crazy. Freaking insanely in love. My man is MY BEST FRIEND. I never knew that love like this was possible. I have dated people in the past, but never found that true connection that takes a person to the one.

We have shared dreams & ideas about the future. We laugh every single day. We take care of each other. We trust each other. We enjoy the same things. We don’t necessarily like the same music, but we can compromise with the Beatles. We talk every day for hours. We enjoy each other’s company-truly enjoy it.

I want to give a shout out to my girls who love their men & are HAPPY, everyday, in love.

Cheers to you:

Lindsay.Sarah.Lindsey. Barbie.Marcy.Mary.Amanda.Mary.Tiffany.Dawn.

And all of my other girls who are crazy, happy in love. I appreciate the bliss in your voice when I see how happy you really are. It’s refreshing to have more girls in happy good relationships!

Keep looking for your best friend, you can be this happy too!!

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