Thursday, January 13, 2011

The List.

Everyone who is in a relationship has a list.

A list of people who they would totally date if they weren't dating this current person they are with. It's not that they don't LOVE the person they are with, they do, or they wouldn't be dating them... they just have a back up list of potential someone's who would get a call if they ever became single.

Note: This call will be made the second their car disappears out of the driveway. No one waits to turn the corner; they’ve been dialing since they grabbed their keys.

Please also note: In general, the people who are ON this list know. They have discussed it one way or another.

When I became single my list was the first glorious thing to pop into my mind. But I took a different approach; I kept my list safely tucked into my pocket. I decided to only throw out a few hints to people who have told me (*some time & time again) how high up I have been on their lists.

Let’s just say out of this bunch I ended up with a few duds.

Some of these people were actually in relationships now.
Some of these people were really BAD kissers.
Some of these people weren’t as attractive now that I was single.
Some of these people were all wrong, and not in a good way.
Some of these people were jerks.
Some of these people were revenge.

Might I suggest if you ever become single, or currently happen to be: Tuck your list into your pocket. Take a chance on that person who has been waiting to grab their shot at your for years. Hell, it might even be a good time!

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