Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Breaking Patterns using THE RULES

It’s kind of funny the people you will date when you are looking for a change. I went from one TYPE to the next. I was very much into the type of person who was totally self-involved & loved to put me in my place. Maybe I was a glutton for punishment. But if I found someone who was full of themselves, and needed constant pumping up, hell, I’d love to follow you around all day long & tell you how great you are while you cut me down! AWESOME! But I couldn’t break that pattern. I am a total sucker for confidence. I’ll even over look your bad haircut, uni-brow or your weird little tooth as long as you keep telling me how awesome you are, I’m going to believe it!

So I decided to switch it up a bit. I broke down & bought a dating book. Not ANY dating book, but THE Rules. Might I suggest you check out the Top 10 Rules right now!


This book has been so slammed by people, men in general, that I was intrigued. My current dating routine wasn’t working, so why not gain a new perspective. I didn’t, at the time, have a single girlfriend to go out prowling with, so why not. I was a RULES girl now.

Some of the rules seemed kind of childish for a while, but I have to give it to these girls, they really made you look at yourself differently & they were working.

So hate on haters, if your current routine isn’t working, I suggest at least keeping these rules in mind. I also suggest finding someone to try them on. I did, and I followed the rules, and you’ll hear about him soon. Just note, that it drove him crazy, and he couldn’t get enough of me, until we got enough of each other.

Soon to come-tails from Cat-Boy & how I learned to use the rules to my advantage.

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