Friday, April 29, 2011



Oh little apartment, all 625 sq ft of you, of thee I sing. A gold key opens your door & helped me turn my life around.

I came into you when my life was seemed to be in shambles. I didn’t know quite who I was anymore. I wasn’t sure of anything-but you were all I had.

I hadn’t ever been alone once in my life and I felt like something was missing. I found my little best friend from 2 grainy pictures online. We were both looking for someone to love & a fresh start. Ever since that day, I wake up every single morning to love.

A gift from an angel helped my life get on track. I don’t know how I would have managed those first few months with out it. Thank you.

I turned this place into my own. I had never been able to really create my own space before, where only what I liked mattered. I created my home.

I can’t say living along was always easy. There were a few times when I had to remind myself that I was the only one paying all of the bills. A few bad decisions were made. There were nights when I was scared, unsure, and couldn’t stop crying. But I had my little best friend and the most amazing support group ever which helped me forge ahead.

#15 became my cocoon. I first opened the door as one being, and I grew inside its walls & in a few days I am going to emerge from this place a totally different, radiant person.

I found my self. I found understanding. I found love. I found my way. I found peace. I found strength.

Thank you #15 for everything then, now & for the rest of my life.

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